Ambient Goods

Ambient goods transport

Ambient goods transport services
from York, North Yorkshire

If you are looking to transport pharmaceutical products, contact A Really Cool Company. We can get your goods transported promptly and securely. Our fleet of temperature-mapped vehicles can fulfil all your ambient goods transport requirements.

Accurate temperature at all times of the journey

Do you need to deliver medicines from the factory to a warehouse or end user? A Really Cool Company can help. You can depend on us to deliver products from the manufacturer to your business premises safely.

 In line with good distribution practice, our vehicles are temperature mapped, which is performed by an outside accreditation body.  Our 'proof of temperature' print-outs are available for each and every journey that we undertake with your products. You can rely on us to keep your deliveries at the right temperature throughout the trip.

For your security, we use on-board cargo temperature monitors, in addition, our proof of temperature print outs are available on every journey we undertake with your products.
Frozen Goods
Regular temperature monitoring

Regular temperature monitoring

If you require transportation of temperature sensitive goods and products, contact A Really Cool Company. We provide specialised courier services and solutions to fulfil all your requirements. You can depend on us to handle ambient product deliveries within the ranges 2-8°C  and 15-25°C. 

We utilise temperature logging equipment that allows us to give print outs to customers. We also make use of disposable temperature monitors, this helps us keep track of the existing temperature throughout your products' journey. 
Medical drugs transportation

Ambient goods transport services

Our ambient goods services include the following:
  • Medical drugs transportation
  • Food transportation
  • Transportation for clinical trials
  • Vaccines & other veterinary products
We have many years of experience in transporting ambient goods across locations in the UK and mainland Europe. You can depend on us to get your goods transported safely and on time. Get in touch with us for more details.
Transportation for clinical trials
If you are looking to transport ambient goods, contact A Really Cool Company, of York, for deliveries to Leeds, Manchester, London and Europe. You can rely on us to carry your goods at the required conditions throughout the journey.
A Really Cool Company provides ambient goods transportation services to Leeds, Manchester, across the UK and Europe. To talk to our specialists, call us on
07739 467 360

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